The Engineer’s Resume


Engineer's Resume

Who might the

Engineer Be?

SB, hardware and software developer

Name: Samuel Brooks

Age: 29

Location: London UK

Status: Project Engineer + Self taught hardware and software developer.

—The below classic summary applies—

‘As a kid I used to strip apart my toys to see how they worked’. No toy would be left untouched and I even managed to get my hands on the brand new television remote! (The rest of that story pretty much speaks for itself)

I don’t currently work in the electronics or software industry but It’s certainly somewhere I’d like to be in near future. R&D preferably.

The Engineer’s Resume 2

The Engineers


What i do for work

‘I’m a multi-skilled Telecoms Engineering HNC graduate (MIET) with over 11 year’s progressive experience within the Telecommunications game’

Elaborate?: I currently work as a Telecoms Project engineer for one of the UK’s largest telecommunications networks.

*Career Path 2007-(Current):
-Telecoms Apprentice.
-Maintenance Technician.
-Telecoms Engineering HNC graduate.
-Field Engineer + Fully Trained Rigger.
-Project Engineer (Telecoms).
-Asset Engineer (Telecoms)

My line of work is actually quite interesting. As you’ve guessed it has a lot to do with networking, data transmission, barer services, GSM and working to national IT and Telecommunications standards. I work a 35 hour week (typically more) and in my spare time well…I work on my projects.

The Engineer’s Resume 3

Where did it all start?

Hardware & Software Development

Out of work activities

I’d say that I started to create ‘meaningful’ things when I was lucky enough to get Lego Mindstorms as a child. Remember show and tell? Every Friday I’d bring in some form of robot…robots that could follow lines, measure distance, walk, drive, you name it….

Lego Mindstorms taught me to follow the below thought process at a very early age.

 – What do I want to build? (You need an idea)

– How do I want it to look? (Aesthetics is KEY for the wow factor)

– I’ve built my concept, can it function better? (Enhance the code)

To this day I follow the above rules when it comes to bringing a project to life, so thank you Lego Mindstorms!

Self taught??

Yep, that’s correct.
Moving on from Lego Mindstorms I ventured onto bigger projects and moved to the Arduino platform. The Arduino platform is what really taught me to code. I’ve created over 100 projects on the platform itself and still tend to use it when prototyping my more complicated projects (to save on cost).

Just as they say, once you learn to code in one language its pretty easy to pick up another. I very quickly moved on to creating Android apps, eCommerce apps, games, user productivity apps, you name it. I use the Android OS where the project at hand requires a substantial amount of user iteration + (I’m an Android power user…so it makes sense).